Immersive 2-hour workshop to elevate your team's creativity and collaboration

Hosted by Vogue photographer and art director, Natalie Kogan, this exclusive in-office experience transforms the way participants view the world.

The current #HowToSee class was a part of an event for Wellers Wellness Club launched in the beginning of February.


#HowToSee is an invitation to foster a sense of wonder and curiosity

Your team will dive  into the art of seeing—the foundation of creativity and innovation. This activity is about cultivating a new perspective that celebrates the beauty around us, enhancing personal and professional life.

As a team, we will collaborate to transform ordinary objects into art.


— Team Building: 

Shared learning experiences foster companionship, communication, and collaboration among team members.

— Immersive Learning: 

Whether carried out at your office or a preferred location, this workshop is tailor-made for your team to make an ideal experience that doesn't just feel like another day at work.

— Enhanced Creativity: 

Participants will learn to notice and create beauty, a skill that translates into innovative thinking at work.

— Mindfulness and Presence: 

#HowToSee encourages to be in the moment, a practice that improves mental wellness and productivity.

— Lasting Skills & Perspectives: 

The skills and perspectives gained from this workshop will continue to enrich your lives and work long after the experience concludes.

For a group of 7-10 People

2 hours



#HowToSee offers a transformative experience that will enrich your team's creative outlook, strengthen their ability to collaborate on innovative solutions, discover beauty in the everyday and bring a sense of wonder and innovation to your world.

You are welcome to bring any random items and you will see how to turn them into art.

Business portraits for you and your team: 

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